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Rent Our Mobile Beer Trailer!

Our 14-foot mobile beer trailer serves ice cold draft beer on tap from 8 beverage taps on the exterior of the trailer. Our draft beer trailer is designed with a custom chilling system to keep the drinks ice cold no matter how hot the day or how long the event! Serve your guests up to eight different draft beers or mix it up and serve a selection of draft beer, cider, wine and prosecco. A true crowd pleaser- our Mobile Beer Trailer is great for weddings, rehearsal dinners, private parties, corporate events, tailgates, block parties, seafood boil, the list goes on!

$1350 for 6 hours – we offer a 20% discount for a full day which makes us all very happy, giving you a full day rental for $1,100

$675 for 3 hours


3 or 6 hour trailer rental
1 Pour Attendant
12 oz beer cups
9 oz wine cups


How early should I book the trailer for an offsite event?

The earlier the better! All bookings are offered on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, so availability can change at a moment’s notice! There are times of the year that are busier than usual, but a 50% deposit will secure the trailer for your event. Pro Tip: the 2021 wedding season is going to be unusually busy- we recommend booking as soon as possible!

Do we need a special permit?

We have an off-premise event license for private events. Customer will be responsible for any public permits required. 

How many kegs will we need?

The standard keg calculation at an event is one drink per person, per hour. However, certain variables, such as additional beverages being served, will affect how much beer you should order. In our experience, people like our beer & our bartenders…expect that they’ll stay a while ;)! One of our tap trailer experts will be happy to help you figure out how many kegs/wine/cider product you need. 

How much is the beer? 

A large keg gives you 145 12 oz beers. A small keg gives you 75 beers. A large keg runs anywhere from 160-225. Small kegs run anywhere from 90-125.

How much is the wine?

Wine prices will be established at time of contract.  

How much space does the trailer need?

The trailer is roughly 14 feet in length, 8 feet in height and 6 feet in width. Maneuvering the trailer into position requires additional space. We recommend an additional 8-10 feet in front of the dispensing area for guests to wait in line and be served.

Important note: The taps (i.e. serving area) are on the passenger’s side of a car. When maneuvering the trailer into its serving location, there needs to be enough room for our car to pull in and get out. 

Does the trailer need electricity?

The trailer needs access to a standard 120V outlet within 100 feet of the trailer to run. We bring a 100 foot, 12 gauge outdoor extension cords. If you do not want cords showing, or there is no access to power, we can provide a generator for an additional cost of $100. 

Can guests serve themselves?

No. ABC laws. They are mad strict. 

Are bartenders included with the trailer?

Yep! We include one (1) pour attendant with the trailer rental, which is sufficient 99% of the time. Additional pour attendants can be hired for $50/ hour.

Do you carry insurance?

Our trailer and staff are covered under the company insurance policy. 

How far will you travel for a private event?

25 miles. 

Any further questions?

Please fill our our inquiry form and we will get back to you in the shake of a lamb's tail!

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