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Photo of Lance Furer - Head Beer Wizard

Lance Furer - Head Beer Wizard

Head Brewer

A Colorado Native, Furer has 17 years of industry experience. He entered the craft brew scene as a busboy at a brewery near his home. However, his passion for brewing took off when he began home brewing in his early 20s. Furer's growing interest led him to seek out as many opportunities as possible to get hands-on experience. Prior to his recent move to North Carolina, and current employment as Head Brewer at CHCB, Furer held job titles ranging all the way from volunteer keg cleaner to management positions at various Colorado breweries. He even gained experience at a few big names in the business- all while continuing to perfect his true passion as a skilled home and professional craft brewer.

As far as what you can expect from the 12+ new brews the CHCB team is working on, Furer says “We will have something for everyone!” Although the emphasis will be placed on hazy IPAs, patrons can also expect to see a little bit of everything. From light and crisp pilsners, to fruity sour beers, all the way to big, barrel aged barleywines and everything in between.